A free and simple tool to burn ISO files onto CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs
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BurnCDCC is a free and simple tool to burn previously generated ISO files onto recordable media. The latter can be a CD, a DVD, or even a Blu-ray disc (BD). The program requires no installation, and it was developed to complement those burning tools that do not support ISO files as input.

Judging from the simplicity of this tool’s interface, the lack of help files, and the reduced number of settings available, this is one of those programs that could perfectly serve as plug-ins for more comprehensive recording tools. Actually, the only functionality available is that of burning a disc from an ISO file. There is not much else you can do with it, apart from deciding if you want use the Session-At-Once option, to finalize the disc or leave it open for future sessions, and to verify the disc once the recording process has finished. The recording speed is also selectable, and that is where all your customization possibilities end.

As a burning tool, however, BurnCDCC is robust and reliable. The overall performance of both the recording and verification tasks will largely depend on your computer’s processor and on the recording hardware installed, but regardless of the speed, you can always rely on a satisfactory outcome.

Francisco Martínez
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